Team auditions

Hello ESD Team Families!

We hope that everyone is healthy, happy, safe and enjoying these beautiful summer days we're having!  Below you will find all the pertinent information needed regarding team auditions, and our vision moving forward into this new season.  Looking forward to seeing all of you soon, and being together dancing again!

The ESD Company Team Audition Date: 


 Friday, August 28th 

 Video audition entry deadline is August 31st 1:00pm.

Location:  North Campus

Audition Fees: (Payment required before audition date)

$25.00 1 class

$35.00 2 classes

$45.00 3 classes

$55.00 4 classes

$65.00 5 classes

Audition Procedure:

Students will need to arrive in a black leotard with bike shorts or tights with hair neatly pulled up into a bun. Students will have their temperatures taken before they enter the studio and will be required to wear a mask throughout the audition process. Dancers will then go to the desk for their audition number and given further instruction. Social distancing will be upheld at all times while at the studio. Parents are asked to drop off their child and pick them up after their auditions are complete. Four dancers will be allowed in the room at a time and be judged on skill sets as well a choreographed dance routine which they will receive once their on-line audition registration has been completed. 

Audition registration will be available starting August 12th.

Team Genres: Contemporary, Hiphop, Jazz, and Tap.  

Ballet Company and Apprentice auditions will also be held at this time for all of our dancers who are 12 years and older.

Audition Schedule:

Youth Auditions (Age 5-8)  9:00am-11:30am

Junior Auditions (Age 9-12)  12:30pm-3:00pm

Teen Auditions (13 and up) 4:00pm-6:30pm

*We will be forming small groups only at this time as well as solo, duo and trios to compete in the 2021 season.  


Auditions Results: 

Posted online September 1st by 9:00pm

Team Meeting Date Saturday September 19th:  New ESD Company team meeting will be held virtually through Zoom so we can have the opportunity to see and talk to everyone together :) Competitive Team will meet virtually at 10am and


Performing Team will meet virtually at 11am. 

Team Choreography:  This year's choreography will be completed in weekly class rehearsal times during the months of September and October.

ESD Team Vision:  What is it about mastering that first pirouette or aerial that feels so good?  Is it the confidence that comes from learning a new skill? The camaraderie that develops when you practice — and sometimes fail — together? Or is it something more?  At ESD dancers play, dance, learn and compete in ways that will make them stronger, healthier, and more self-assured in dance and in life.  We will help them get there with a little more fun, a little more skill, and a little more confidence. Our year will not be based on attending multiple competitions because  we all are aware that may or may not happen.  We will cross the bridges as they come with conversation and solid information and decide as a Team what feels best for us.  Our Team will grow in a new way this year and for that we are excited...truly dancing from a different outlook, and learning more about ourselves and maturing along the way.

ESD Contract is being reformatted at this time and, will be posted upon completion.



Heidi and Tony Gamlieli

Elite School of Dance Staff